“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called “yesterday” and the other is called “tomorrow”. 
TODAY is the right day to LOVE, BELIEVE, DO and mostly LIVE” Photo credit: Peggy Couté The 14th Dalai Lama Adopt a nun! With 20 francs a month you help her with books and clothes See more New clothes-box for clothes and food The eleven nuns of the small Tshogyel Shedrub Chokhor Ling nunnery Bhutan, december 2023 See the project They practice and study in a very remote place, where it's cold Bhutan, January 2020 New jackets for nuns See the project Winter arrives and the monastery Pagar needs shoes and socks Bhutan, Christmas 2019 New shoes for monks See the project A place of retreat and study for monks Bhutan, fall 2019 Here is the new meditation retreat See the project

The singing of the good heart creates bridges between people and cultures

AiutiAmo wants to create bridges

We like to see them as rainbows that unite places and people. They are very high, higher than the walls that divide. Like fear, ignorance, intolerance, arrogance, violence. We dream of a world where everyone can have food, a roof, education and proper care, freedom to express themselves, to smile, to breathe clean air. Where every man, woman, child, animal, plant… is respected.

We are all born and die in the same way. We all walk on this planet looking for happiness. And when suffering knocks on our door we would like to be ready, to feel protected and loved, to have someone who gives us hope. A smile, a hug, a selfless help, can work miracles.

A smile, a hug, a selfless help, can work miracles

How did it come to life

AiutiAmo was born after a trip to the monasteries of Bhutan, a small world wedged between China and India, balanced between past and future, where prosperity comes before economic growth. The average salary is 300 euros, but everyone has a home; education and health care are free. They call it the country of happiness.

By joining forces, great goals can be achieved

A story struck me, about 4 friends: the peacock, the monkey, the rabbit and the elephant. The peacock finds a seed and plants it; the rabbit waters it and the monkey fertilizes it. The plant grows protected by the elephant. When the fruits are ripe they are so high that none of the 4 friends get there. It is only by joining forces and climbing on top of each other that they reach them.
By joining forces you can achieve great goals!

Thanks to the generosity of so many friends, we are helping monks and nuns of Bhutan to make their way with new shoes when theirs are broken; with warm sweaters when the cold is stinging; with a roof over their heads when they need the meditation cabin retreat.

Little aids that, step by step, are creating a magnificent rainbow between different cultures, uniting apparently different destinies.